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Apr 19, 2020

Stay Connected with St Paul’s United Methodist Church

Welcome to St Paul’s United Methodist Church, a vibrant community of faith in Waltham, MA. We are committed to providing enriching experiences for our members and the wider community. With a wide range of upcoming events, services, and activities, there's always something inspiring happening at our church.

Engage in Meaningful Community Events

At St Paul’s United Methodist Church, we believe in the power of community. Our upcoming events offer opportunities for fellowship, learning, and spiritual growth. Join us as we come together to serve our community and explore our faith.

Upcoming Events

1. Community Service Day - Making a Difference, Making an Impact

Join us on Saturday, September 25th, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, for our Community Service Day. Together, we'll work on various projects aimed at supporting local charities and organizations. From food drives to neighborhood cleanups, this event is an excellent opportunity to give back to the community we love.

2. Bible Study Series - Deepen Your Understanding

Starting on Tuesday, October 5th, we'll be hosting a Bible Study Series every Tuesday evening from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. This comprehensive series will explore different biblical themes and passages, providing valuable insights into the teachings of Jesus. All are welcome, regardless of prior Bible knowledge.

3. Family Movie Night - Fun for Everyone

On Friday, October 15th, bring your family and friends for a delightful movie night experience. Starting at 6:30 PM, we'll be screening a family-friendly film in our church hall. Enjoy quality time together and connect with other members of our warm church community.

4. Thanksgiving Feast - Celebrating Gratitude

Save the date! On Thursday, November 25th, we invite you to our annual Thanksgiving Feast. Join us for a delicious meal, heartfelt fellowship, and expressions of gratitude. It's a cherished tradition that brings our church family together to celebrate the blessings we've received throughout the year.

Why Choose St Paul’s United Methodist Church?

As a member of our church community, you can expect:

  • Inclusive Environment: We believe in welcoming and embracing individuals from all walks of life, regardless of age, race, or background.
  • Inspiring Worship: Our worship services are designed to uplift and inspire, combining traditional elements with contemporary relevance.
  • Engaging Programs: From educational classes to community outreach initiatives, we offer diverse programs that cater to all interests and age groups.
  • Caring Community: Experience the love and support of a close-knit community that values compassion, understanding, and genuine connections.

Experience the St Paul’s Difference Today

Don't miss out on the enriching events happening at St Paul’s United Methodist Church. Join our community and engage with faith-based experiences that will leave a lasting impact on your life. Stay updated with our upcoming events to make the most of your journey with us.

Visit our website or contact us for more information:

  • Website:http://stpaulsumcnb.org/antioch-community-church-in-waltham-upcoming-events
  • Phone: 555-123-4567
  • Email: [email protected]
Laurie Rick
Looking forward to the upcoming activities at St Paul's United Methodist Church in Waltham, MA.
Oct 19, 2023
Jennifer Lombardi
Looking forward to attending the events and connecting with fellow members.
Sep 30, 2023
Colleen Glidden
So glad to be a part of this vibrant faith community in Waltham, MA.
May 4, 2023
Vidyadhar Ghorpade
The variety of events shows the commitment to enriching experiences for members.
Jan 28, 2023
Reuban Arroyo
Excited to learn more about the upcoming activities and services in Waltham, MA!
Jan 11, 2023
Alex Bisset
Thank you for continuously fostering a sense of community through these events.
Jul 26, 2022
Lisa Wacks
Grateful for the efforts to connect and engage with the wider community.
Jul 5, 2022
Binev Minev
The upcoming events highlight the church's commitment to inclusivity and engagement.
May 26, 2022
Robb Lucas
Excited to see what events are planned for the wider community in Waltham, MA!
Feb 1, 2022
Steven Brown
I appreciate the diverse range of events being offered by the church.
Jan 18, 2022
Chester Pipkin
Looking forward to the upcoming services at St Paul's United Methodist Church!
Jun 25, 2021
Ken Krueger
The church's dedication to providing enriching experiences is truly admirable.
Jun 18, 2021
Ahmad Nemati
The diverse range of events motivates members to stay connected and involved.
Feb 15, 2021
Jim Crestani
Thank you for keeping us updated on the upcoming activities and services.
Jan 2, 2021
Denis Crevier
The range of upcoming events reflects the inclusivity of St Paul's United Methodist Church.
Dec 19, 2020
Kristin Roberts
Looking forward to attending the upcoming events at St Paul's United Methodist Church!
Aug 26, 2020
Donovan Thompson
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Jul 1, 2020
Soner Eker
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Jun 23, 2020
Troy Schmidt
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Jun 4, 2020
Nancy Dibenedetto
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May 31, 2020