Social Media Disclaimer - St Paul’s United Methodist Church

Mar 29, 2019

Welcome to St Paul’s United Methodist Church, a dedicated community with a strong focus on faith and beliefs. As an integral part of our outreach efforts, we embrace the use of social media platforms to connect with our congregation, as well as individuals who share an interest in our community. This social media disclaimer provides important information about the guidelines and practices we follow regarding our online presence.

Our Commitment to Social Media

At St Paul’s United Methodist Church, we recognize the significance of social media in today's digital age. Our commitment to utilizing these platforms is rooted in our desire to engage with our community, share valuable insights, and foster meaningful connections. We understand that social media acts as a powerful tool for spreading the message of faith and creating a space for open dialogue.

Social Media Practices and Guidelines

To ensure a safe and respectful online environment, we have established a set of practices and guidelines that govern our social media presence:

1. Respectful Communication

We encourage individuals to engage in respectful and constructive conversations on our social media platforms. We value diversity and expect all participants to communicate in a manner that reflects our core values of compassion, empathy, and understanding.

2. Moderation of Comments

To maintain a positive and inclusive online atmosphere, we reserve the right to moderate comments and remove any content that violates our guidelines. This includes but is not limited to spam, hate speech, offensive language, and personal attacks. We believe in fostering a space where everyone feels heard and respected.

3. Privacy and Confidentiality

We are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our congregation members and participants. When engaging with us on social media, we kindly ask individuals not to share personal information or details related to others without their explicit consent.

4. Accuracy and Integrity

Our content on social media aims to provide accurate and reliable information regarding our community events, programs, and beliefs. We strive to maintain the highest level of integrity in our posts and encourage open conversations based on truth and honesty.

5. Intellectual Property

We respect the intellectual property rights of others and expect the same from our community. We ask that individuals refrain from sharing copyrighted material without proper attribution or permission.

Connecting with Us on Social Media

We invite you to connect with us on various social media platforms to stay updated with the latest news, events, and inspirational messages. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for regular updates and engaging content.

By engaging with our social media channels, you agree to abide by our social media practices and guidelines as outlined in this disclaimer. For any questions or concerns regarding our social media presence, please contact our administrative team at [email protected].

In Conclusion

St Paul’s United Methodist Church is dedicated to maintaining a positive and enriching social media presence that reflects the values and principles we uphold. We believe in leveraging social media as a platform for connection, inspiration, and fostering meaningful interactions within our community and beyond. We appreciate your support and active engagement on our social media platforms.

Patrickj Moore
I love that St Paul's church is utilizing social media to stay connected with their community. It's a great way to engage and share important information!
Nov 8, 2023
Roger Tushingham
Great to see St Paul's church using social media to connect with their community! 👍
Oct 17, 2023