Neither Justice nor Mercy from Gordon Hugenberger

Apr 23, 2021


Welcome to St Paul's United Methodist Church, where we delve into the intricate aspects of faith and beliefs. In this sermon, we have the privilege of hearing Gordon Hugenberger discuss the thought-provoking topic of 'Neither Justice nor Mercy.'

Understanding the Divine Balance

Justice and mercy are two foundational principles we encounter in our spiritual journey. Often, we find ourselves grappling with the tension between the two. How can justice be served without sacrificing mercy, and vice versa? Gordon Hugenberger's insights shed light on this eternal struggle.

The Essence of Justice

Justice is a pillar of our faith, ensuring fairness, righteousness, and social order. It holds individuals accountable for their actions and upholds moral standards. Without justice, chaos could prevail, and the vulnerable would suffer.

The Power of Mercy

In contrast, mercy represents the compassionate and forgiving nature of our beliefs. It reminds us to extend kindness to those who have erred, allowing for redemption and personal growth. Mercy provides solace to the hurting and embraces the idea of second chances.

The Delicate Balance

The sermon 'Neither Justice nor Mercy' explores how these two essential concepts intertwine. Gordon Hugenberger beautifully articulates the challenges faced when striving to maintain a balance between justice and mercy.

Finding Harmony

Through thought-provoking examples and scriptural insights, Hugenberger illustrates that achieving a harmonious balance between justice and mercy is no easy task. It requires discernment, empathy, and a deep understanding of both attributes.

Application in Daily Life

The relevance of this sermon extends beyond theological discussions. We all encounter situations in our lives where we must consider justice and mercy. Hugenberger's sermon provides practical guidance on how to navigate these complex scenarios.

Extending Mercy

One area of focus is learning to embrace mercy in our interactions with others. The sermon explores how extending a helping hand, offering forgiveness, and showing compassion can transform lives and foster healing within our communities.

Pursuing Justice

Simultaneously, Hugenberger emphasizes the importance of actively seeking justice. This involves advocating for the marginalized, standing up against injustice, and promoting equality in all spheres of life.


'Neither Justice nor Mercy' is a sermon that challenges our perspectives, encourages deep reflection, and reminds us of the importance of grappling with these profound concepts. At St Paul's United Methodist Church, we believe that understanding the delicate balance between justice and mercy enriches our faith and fosters a compassionate community.

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