Sentinel Editor

Kevin Cardin considers himself the phantom of the balcony (due to the fact that he has been sitting up there for well over 12 years)

He is our outstanding Chief Editor of our monthly newsletter The Sentinel. Kevin is active in servant leadership and volunteers lots of his time to St. Paul’s. He shovels the church walkways during the winter, change the Church sign, sets up for the church suppers, and performs other various duties around the church when called upon. He also is a very active participant in the United Methodist Mens, Saturday morning Bible study led by Mr. Bailey at Yor Dogg Mil.

Kevin says… “I was born and raised in St. Paul’s, and have been a member since my early teens. I have watched people and pastors come and go, yet I have always remained. I love my church and the people there, and consider it to be a second home to me. Over the past year or so, I have become much more involved and closer to God due to the help of a certain church member who shall remain nameless. That journey has helped me correct many of the wrongs in my life and become an all around better person and Christian. I have every intention of continuing my weekly worship at St. Paul’s until I no longer grace this earth with my presence.”

Kevin is also a published writer. His work can be seen in various periodicals, news papers and magizines.