About Us

Welcome to Saint Paul’s Church online! For decades, Saint Paul’s New Bedford has been a church where you can bring your spiritual questions (and your spiritually seeking friends) and know that you will always be welcomed. When you go to church for the first time in years or the first time in a new town if you long to find a place you can feel at home a place where you feel safe … a place of Sanctuary Saint Paul’s welcomes you!

Saint Paul’s is a church that you can feel

  • Safe to explore Christianity at your own pace
  • Safe to bring your children of all ages
  • Safe to ask tough questions about faith
  • Safe to grow spiritually

And it all begins with our Sunday service: Great music, in a warm and welcoming setting friendly people greeting you, talking, laughing, and making you feel at home your kids being welcomed by caring leaders of the Saint Paul’s youth ministry not having to worry about being singled out as a visitor or being pressured to give money wearing clothes you’d wear to a friend’s house messages that are biblically framed, tied into everyday life and have a practical application a place where you feel safe. Our web site is designed with this same goal in mind: to help you ask questions, find answers, seek insight into what Christianity is all about. Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church can help you along your spiritual journey no matter from where you are starting or to where you are heading.

We want to welcome to Saint Paul’s Church.